Villa Remaggi
Via Tosco Romagna

Note: privately owned, is open only from the outside.


It was built around 1850 on behalf of Peter in Matthew Remaggi.
Complex of buildings of significant volumes of particular architectural merit, is placed over a large area, with two large buildings placed perpendicular to the street Tuscan Romagna, a third body, comprising the main house is flanked by another building constructed later and backward toward the rail and parallel to this.
The building of major architectural interest is the main house, flanked on one side and on the textile industry by a lovely garden.
Other buildings housed stables for the housing of horses and carriages, a small theater called Mrs. Margaret Remaggi Vivoli and a school to provide employees with the basics of writing illiterate.
Today the villa is involved in some activities, but the complex of buildings that had lost that image in the middle of last century.

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