Villa Comunale Pucci, Baiocchi
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Note: The villa is now owned by the city and houses the Zoological Museum of Natural History and the Territory.


Built on the ruins of the ancient castle of Capannoli, as the adjacent Orlandini Villa, the residence was completely renovated in the mid-eighteenth century by Horace Senator Alessandro Pucci.
In 1833 the building was purchased by the Marquis Baiocchi, who ordered a new restoration, as also recalls the inscription above the lintel of the gateway.
The reorganization of the garden, which insulates the house from the town around, thanks to their high trunk trees, dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, when Baiocchi, together with Borghini, entrusted with the reorganization of the road network, access , of the enclosure and furnishings at Louis Bellincioni that dot the park with a series of outbuildings from various stylistic characteristics: small shrines with painted landscapes, rustic neo-Gothic buildings and caves.
The current building has a rectangular plan with two towers already existing.
In the rooms on the ground floor, where he hosted the Zoological Museum, you can observe numerous decorative frescoes on the second floor (archaeological section) you can admire the remains found during excavations in the area.
Also visit the park, full of exotic plants and trees.

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