Villa Berzighelli

Note: Currently the private property of Ferretti family, the villa is located along the road that leads to San Pietro Belvedere Capannoli.


Already registered nell’Estimo Capannoli of 1580 as a property of the noble Florentine family Berzighelli, the villa is the most important building of a settlement that developed between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in the immediate vicinity of the castle. Are difficult to read the changes made by Felice Palma, in charge at the beginning of the seventeenth century by Camillo Berzighelli, to transform the farm into a villa.
The current appearance is the result of an orderly restructuring in 1771 by architect Francis Del Rosso Niccolò Pisano Stassi, for he is the exaltation of the central part of the main facade, remarked FROM COURSE vertical pilasters and pediment with ‘clock that reminds the internal facade of the Certosa di Calci.
To note the chapel in the pattern symmetry, erroneously attributed to Michelangelo by Husbands, architectural styles reminiscent of Renaissance style. The altar, as recalled by Filippo Baldinucci, houses a bas-relief of the hand of the famous sculptor Desiderio da Settignano, depicting the Blessed Virgin and the Archangel Gabriel, and our Lord.

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