Villa Arganini
Via di Buti
56032 Colle di-Badia-Buti

Note: municipal property and not accessible to the public.


The building is neoclassical, with an adjoining chapel and crypt circular, the work of P. Bernardini of Pescia.
In the crypt there are eight interesting stone columns with capitals and bases of the eleventh century Benedictine style, architectural fragments and other contemporaries, coming from the destroyed abbey of St. Stephen Cintoia, with the sucker reports that there were substantial remains in the mid- nineteenth century.
Inside, above the altar of the chapel, you can admire a fine statue of bill: the Resurrection of Christ, a work in marble by the sculptor Giovanni Dupre (1867). The sculpture is placed in a shrine inside the house that the owner Francesco Filippi built on the ruins of the Abbey of Cintoia.

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