Castrum Casale Marittimo
Casale Marittimo


Casale Marittimo extends south of the river Cecina inland on a hill called Poggio in Plum, where you can admire a vast panorama of the Tyrrhenian coast. Reliable reports of Casale are beginning to have in feudal times, around the year one thousand, the period to which traces back to two separate castles: an old farmhouse, the oldest, and one corresponding to the current New Casale Marittimo Casale and probably arose as a result the disappearance of the former.
New house shows the typical evolution of the village built around a rock residential: it is shown by the development at the next ring of city walls in addition to the urban extramurario, consisting of a cluster that retains its color impression of the ancient and fascinating.
To the north and west you find the remains of what were the massive structures, built by Pisa, designed to defend the coast from the snares of the Via Aurelia and the important bishops of Volterra.
In the second half of the 800 the town suffered some incisive changes due to population increase: in 1854 the south door was demolished to build the Civic Tower with the clock, in 1872 began the construction of the new church, which involved the ‘ demolition of part of the wall and the old town hall to open a passage to the new road. The old church was turned into City Hall. Casale can still see the medieval remains of the castle, especially the walls incorporated into the urban fabric and the Palace Fortress.

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