Villa Rosselmini
Rosselmini Street, 10
Calci-56011 Tel 050-934226 – Fax 050-934226

Note: the villa now houses a farm.

Construction of the eighteenth century marble statues on the pediment of the facade direct bearing in the middle of the great marble coat of arms of the family Rosselmini, with bas-reliefs of female busts, also in marble, placed on the ground floor windows, which can be accessed through a scale with 2 ramps.
On the door is placed the marble bust of Emperor Claudius.
The pretty girl eighteenth century chapel dedicated to the Virgin, in a sober baroque style, has a small bell tower.
The interior is large, with fine plaster medallions depicting stories of the Virgin Girls.
On the main altar is placed the painting depicting the Madonna and Child, by the Tempesti.
The small sacristy bears an inscription commemorating the founder Charles Abbot Rosselmini (1767).

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