Admission to St. Anne High School

For students of degree courses and degree admission to St. Anne School is national public through which assumes the status of "normal student" of the school.

The competition is held every year in September, prior to the opening of the academic year and is open to all those who wish to enroll in a degree courses in the fields of school: all the degree courses of the Faculty of Agriculture, Economics, Law, Medicine, Political Science, and many of the courses of the Faculty of Engineering. The competition involves an initial pre-selection phase, an oral and two written tests for all sectors, to the exclusion of Medicine, where the pre-selection phase is replaced by the test on a national basis.

To those who become regular students is required enrollment at the University of Pisa, and is not required to pay any heed to the normal university tuition fees. Students must also meet stringent requirements ordinary teaching, on the number of university examinations each year and the media must also follow a number of internal courses at the School and, with the exception of students in the engineering sector, delivering a paper on the Annual a subject related to their curriculum.

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