Valdera e Colline Pisane

Valdera and Pisan Hills

The typical Tuscan landscape of this country is characterized by rolling hills interspersed with small rivers which join the river was, but it is also the result of intense agricultural activity present since ancient times. Here nature and human hands have come together for the preservation of a unique landscape.

The area retains much of its rural origins: the campaign has worked carefully with the fruit trees that prevailed in the plains, the hills of olive groves and rows of arabesque vines, numerous farms producing wine, olive oil, fruit, but also corn and sunflower.

The typical Tuscan farmhouses, with their gray and ocher, often accompanied by the characteristic double row of cypress trees, lie on the ridges of hills interspersed with cultivated and expertly naturalistic habitats rich in wildlife, and forests of pine trees that with the changing seasons characterize the landscape with striking effects.

A varied and very rural area where nature lovers can discover fun hiking trails, horseback riding or biking on scenic roads that wind through the farms and through villages set among cherry trees, grapevines and olive trees and villages rich in history, the discovery of ancient churches whose territory is rich or works of art, ancient and modern.

Add to that the pleasure of staying at the many farms, which complement the traditional Tuscan cuisine with wine and oil of high quality and where, at certain times of the year, are offered to the tourist visits and tastings of local produce and wine at the cellars and the opportunity to witness historical events marked by the rhythm of the seasons.

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