It is moving from San Rossore each year in the spring of galloping Italian.
The roots of Italian are galloping on the banks of the Arno.
There is a peculiarity of Pisa all that we can not be forgotten: the equestrian activities.

In the heart of San Rossore is one of the most important training centers for thoroughbred horses and a racetrack that carries on business for 150 years.
It is from St. Flushing, historically, that moves each year in the spring of galloping Italian.
In April, while still the Apuan Alps appear in the background with some traces of snow and the sea, in south-west days, pushing his breath brackish inland, close to St. Flushing fact a season of races that really opens doors National gallop, to the great classics of the turf in Europe. This step is done with a stroke of the baton – the premium Pisa – which now belongs to the history of international galloping having counted among its greatest champions winners. A name for everyone: Ribot.
Behind the racecourse, a whole village – Barbaricina – always feed this activity.
It is from the stables every morning Barbaricina move toward the nearby training center in St. Flushing, residents of 900 horses, and in this village, in a century and a half of history, are born great jockeys, and with them, all the trades of horseracing: artisans, saddlers, tailors jackets, farriers. So in today’s world, Barbaricina is known as "The land of the horses."

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