Riparbella - Panorama


Riparbella is a town in the Val di Cecina located at the southern end of the Pisan Hills. Unlike neighboring countries, the urban structure of circular Riparbella grew longitudinally along the main road.

Retains its medieval Church of St. John, where every year from Christmas to February is a crib set up mechanically. Nearby, in the locality Belora, were found remains of an Etruscan necropolis, some of which are on display at the Hermitage Museum Guarnacci of Volterra and Moscow. The area is part of the Natural Reserve-The Garden-Belora Cecina River, which provides an ideal habitat for the species that live in wetlands.

The Environmental Education Center organizes educational activities and guided tours for sightings of animals and birds.

Among the events it signals the traditional wild boar festival (the third Sunday in November), with dishes hunting el’Agrifiera (first Sunday and Monday in August), a former cattle fair now converted into a horse fair with horse shows.

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