Monteverdi Marittimo

Monteverdi Marittimo

The history of Monteverdi began in 754 with the founding of the Abbey of St. Peter in Palazzuolo by Benedictine monks led by Walfredo Lombard St., considered the founder of the Gherardesca. In the Oratory of the Blessed Sacrament, as well as sculptures of the Sienese school, and a wooden crucifix of the Florentine school, seems to have buried the body of the saint.

The village is crossed by two types of paths: a circular road system, which consists of three ring circuits that rotate around the upper part, now occupied by City Hall, and a radial road network, represented by a dense network of footpaths called wrinkles.

In dintroni worth a visit Canneto old defensive structure still surrounded by walls. The village has a particular urban elliptical, with a number of tower-houses and the lovely church of San Lorenzo.

The wild and unspoiled land, near the south west side of the rough Metalliferous Hills, makes it a favorite destination for lovers of trekking and cycling. The widespread presence of wet forests and maquis by numerous rivers presents a perfect environment for flora and fauna of the coastal strip.

Monteverdi is a few kilometers from the Natural Reserve of Monterufoli-Caselli, managed by the Comunità Montana Alta Val di Cecina. Here live wild boar, roe deer, foxes, badgers and squirrels next to the most recent setting up as a kind of wild sheep and deer. Currently, the Mountain Community of the company is renovating the old buildings, to be allocated to the Centre Polyvalent functions of tourist accommodation and environmental education.

Among the outstanding events of the traditional Feast Maggerini (every May 1), which traces its origins from pagan rites celebrated matrix to ensure the prosperity of the crops. Throughout the day, "maggerini", accompanied by poets and bearing a laurel branch which is hung a lemon, knocking from house to house asking for food and beverage and hotel deals in return for the generosity with songs and ditties.

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