Features of the Chianti Montalbano DOCG

    Color: RED
    Region: TUSCANY
    Minimum total alcohol content: 11.5%
    Minimum total acidity: 5 per thousand
    Minimum net dry extract: 22 per thousand
    Features: Quiet, Dry
    Colour: bright ruby to garnet with aging.
    Bouquet: intensely winy, with the scent of violet and a more pronounced character of finesse in the aging process.

    Taste: harmonious, dry, fruity slightly tannic, which is refined over time to the soft velvet.

    Vine base: SANGIOVESE

    Characteristics of the grape:
    Red grape, of highly variable quality, the most cultivated of ‘Italy in particular and of good quality wines Centro.produce tannic and acidic, not always very intense color and notes that go from floor, and leather and plum plum dry, depending on the quality and maturity.

    The Sangiovese grapes, like Pinot, has a tendency to mutate in different clonal variations and names is the main variety of quality red wines of Tuscany, the ‘only allowed for the Brunello di Montalcino and Chianti basis of the cut, the wine of Montepulciano and the vast majority of Super-Tuscan.

    Widely used in Umbria, gives her best in Torgiano and Montefalco.

    In the Marche is the basis of the Rosso Piceno and Rosso Conero an important component.
    The screw, probably native of Tuscany, has ancient origins, some authors have argued that it was already known to the Etruscans.

    The variety is well adapted to different soils, but the presence of limestone seems to bring out the elegant and intense aromas.

    The Sangiovese grapes mature later, producing rich wines, spirits and longevity in warm years but revealing high acidity to accentuate the ‘dilute the color and acidity, which may begin to darken relatively early.

    The vine is of the utmost importance in Romagna, it is usually a red light.
    Although the variety is grown in the south and usually blended with local grapes.

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