Chianni is inserted in an area surrounded by woods and hills where olive trees are cultivated for centuries resulting in a quality production. The result is the extra virgin olive Chianni, a light oil with an intense color, with low acidity and fruity flavor.

Of Etruscan origin, Chianni medieval castle was fought over by the Bishop of Volterra and the Republic of Pisa before moving permanently in Florence. If the historical point of view no particular attractions except the parish church of San Donato, Chianni is ideal for food and wine tours and scenic.

Its forests are beaten by those who practice hunting wild boar, in honor of which every second or third weekend in November is a festival held among the oldest in Tuscany, where you can taste dishes of wild boar and other dishes prepared by the peasant women of the place.

Nearby you report the medieval village of Rivalto, with the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mount Caramel. In October Rivalto is the destination for lovers of brown, a thin-skinned variety of chestnut and dark streaks.

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