Marine Vecchiano

Marine Vecchiano – SpiaggiaA north of the mouth of the Arno, set in the park Migliarino San Rossore, extends Vecchiano Marina, a short walk from town and art centers of the most beautiful in Tuscany.

The long coastline stretches along four kilometers of fine beaches and golden sand from the mouth of the Serchio to Torre del Lago Puccini, behind the stain Migliarino in one of the few stretches of unspoilt Tuscan coast, nestled in a dune ecosystem of rare beauty .

The sea of ​​Vecchiano is characterized by a huge beach not too crowded which is lost from view. The beach is in part as a free beach, partly as a beach equipped with modern facilities and comfortable, perfectly integrated in nature, offering a quiet and pleasant hospitality and Vecchiano make Marina the ideal place for those who wish to spend their holidays immersed in nature, away from the cares of the city and the holiday frenzy.

La Macchia Migliarino, preceded by the soft amber vegetated dunes typical of the Mediterranean, with its lush vegetation overlooking the beach and walks you regenerating.

The picturesque landscape overlooking the sea allows hiking, horseback riding and long walks in nature, the terraces of dry stone walls and olive trees in an area rich in churches, churches, fortresses and castles that make these unique places in all seasons of the year.

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