Church of St. Anne

Via Carducci, 36

The church and convent were built from 1406 to the Benedictine nuns: …

The church was consecrated in 1426 and restored with the cloister by Jerome Ammannati the early fifteenth century, was completely rebuilt in 1741-1747 by the brothers Joseph and Francis Pisani Melani, architects and painters. The complex includes the church from 1668 and the convent of San Girolamo dei Gesuati. The convent was suppressed in 1786 and intended to boarding school in 1809.

The church has a single nave, with eighteenth-century paintings by Tommaso Tommasi, Antonio and Giuseppe Grisoni Luchi. In the convent there are traces of frescoes and a column of the thirteenth century, the cloister, formerly the convent of San Girolamo, there are murals and frescoes including the "Life of Fra Filippo Gambacorti", dated to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. There was guarded an ancient wooden crucifix of the cathedral after the fire occurred in 1595, was later returned to the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo.

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