Bocca d’Arno Pisa Porto

It ‘a port being built in the seaside resort of Marina di Pisa, Pisa on the coast.

It will have an entrance facing south-west and connect with the existing large area on the left bank of the Arno boat where there are dozens of small storages, which already offer some two thousand berths. Located in the largest natural park in the Tuscany region (that of St. Flushing, Migliarino Massaciuccoli) and a few minutes drive from the international airport "Galileo Galilei". From the beginning the idea of ​​setting up a marina at the mouth of the Arno has received criticism and was the subject of controversy, from environmental and historical considerations (lack of water depth subject to silting, constraints landscape of the area, killing buildings dating from the early twentieth century, quantity, size and style of new buildings etc..) Legambiente that both other parties.


The marina, located between the Ligurian Sea and the high Tyrrhenian sea, is expected to the left of the mouth of the Arno River, characterized by a depth of between 3.50 meters and 5 meters deep. The project, due to the study Capolei Island Turin and Rome, involves the construction of a basin for about 450 berths, accommodation facilities, a consistent development of new residential buildings with green areas and the relative viability. Result of a project that has had a long gestation because of the characteristics of eco-who was present, given its location in an environment of great value, the port of Boccadarno is expected to be completed within 670 days of work.

The works will be carried out without changing the coastline and the result to obtain a broad overview of the pedestrian street that delimit the basin mooring true with berths, divided according to a mix that meets the latest market trends. The total investment is about two hundred million Euros, of which about 32 million employees for the construction of harbor works real: Dam and coastal bays. In October 2007, were demolished the old industrial buildings situated near the landing place of the future.

In 2008 many buildings were destroyed degraded, albeit of great architectural interest as dating from the foundation of Marina and its original building types. Were instead intended for restoration, by the Boccadarno Port of Pisa, Villa and House Romboli Ceccherini, and has already completed the restoration of the old customs house place of summer residence of Gabriele D’Annunzio and Eleonora Duse. In January 2010 began the marketing of berths and will be delivered by spring 2012. On 26 April 2010 the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteoli, attended the official ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the port, the result of an initiative of local capital (together the "Port of Pisa Boccadarno spa, where he is president and CEO Stephen Coopers). The work was entrusted to the CMC (Cooperativa Muratori and cement) of Ravenna, the historical Italian company which has gained extensive experience in port in important works produced abroad.

Recently completed the reclamation of the area occupied by the ruins of an old factory where the metal of the Fiat group in the twenties the first flying boats were built including those who flew to the North Pole with Roald Amundsen, has now started on the construction of sea defense works on the left bank of the river in Tuscany.

City: Pisa
Location: Marina di Pisa – Bocca d’Arno
Type: marina under construction and new homes
Depth depths: 3.5 to 5 meters
Maximum length of boats: 8 to 50 meters
Total berths: 344
Places for boats in transit: 40

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