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The reasons leading to the first settlements of Pisa and its magnitude in communal era is connected to a particularly favorable geographical location: Arno placed in this area reaches the coast, Pisa opens to traffic on the Mediterranean and is facilitated in its relations with the hinterland. In 1064 began the construction of the Pisa Cathedral. The construction of the Baptistery and the Campanile at the end of the twelfth century, and the resulting actions of the hospital and the cemetery of the old mid-thirteenth century, completed the comprehensive program of architectural and urban square. The city of Pisa art at this moment is characterized by a production quantitatively and qualitatively significant. It forms a great school of sculpture thanks to Nicola and Giovanni Pisano. Still fascinates the visitors a ‘pleasant image of the Leopards caught in Pisa. "This embankment is a show so magnificent, so gay, so pleasant, that we love … … a beautiful sun shines in the glass windows of the palaces and houses, all architecturally beautiful. In the rest, then, Pisa is a mixture of cities large and small cities, of urban and rustic, a mixture so romantic that I have never seen just as "Pisa is characterized as a university town, research and service in its international airport and an important communication node. In its tradition as a center of study – the first in Europe (1343), the University of Pisa is now at the forefront in many fields of scientific research, and demonstrates the vitality of its culture and the modernity of its being the ancient city

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