TEL 0587-722511 – FAX 0587-723784
ADDRESS 56032 – Piazza Jacopo Danielli, 5


AUTO: Pisa-Florence highway, exit at Cascina, continue on the road in the direction Vicopisano-Buti.

BUS: CPT-town, destination Buti.

TRAIN: Pisa-Florence to Pontedera, then bus CLAP.

Remembered by the name of Ara Cerasi, Buti is of Roman origin and known before the thousand in a written statement, which dates back to King Berengar of Italy, which recognizes the bishop of Pisa full powers on the parish of St. John the Baptist, finibus Buviti. Located in the valley of Monte Serra looking to the east and the Arno Valley is still sought for the production of olive oil and, until a few years ago, also renowned for the manufacture of baskets. Buti is in the valley carved by the Rio Maggiore and divided in two by the River. Mentioned in the verses of Carducci, it boasts an ancient folk tradition: that of the poets of Buti, who, in the famous "Maggi", they sing at parties, in an impromptu poetry, for the harvest of crops.

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